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    PDF save location default (2003)

    Don't know if this forum can assist but here goes:

    I use two PDF writer applications, "Cute PDF Writer" and "Acrobat PDF Writer", to convert Word files to pdfs. As these applications are "virtual printers", I access them through the FILE, PRINT commands.
    Both applications open the "Save" location as the folder to which the last pfd was saved. In other words, the "save" location is constantly changing.

    Is there a way, in either of the PDF writers, to fix the "save" location to open to one specific network folder? We want to maintain the ability to modify the pdf file's "save" location when necessary but would like the "save" default to be constant.

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    Re: PDF save location default (2003)

    I think one would need to check the documentation (if any) for the print drivers.

    One thing I find tremendously annoying about CutePDF Writer is that it always suggests the name of the last file you saved. Let's see if we can fix that one, too. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

    I'll poke around with this when I get back to my home computer...

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