Does anyone have any idea why my custom contact forms are blank? I just upgraded from 2000 to a clean XP install & opened my 2000 personal folder backup.

The fields are shown but no information. I have ascertained user defined & standard fields are not bound to a label or text box (I think I've got the terminology right).

Three things may be the underlying cause:

1. I renamed my original custom form.

2. An old user defined field prevented forms from opening ... so I deleted each one manually from the All fields tab.

3. I used omsgclas.exe to update all custom forms (under their own folder) to the new message class.

I should add my custom forms originally worked after the XP upgrade but the above was an attempt & the result of me trying to resolve no.2 above.

Assistance would be appreciated. I cannot believe how long I have spent online in knowledge Base, Slipstick, etc trying to sort this one.


Richard Ayres