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    Problems with wavy scrolling (XP SP2)

    Hi, this is garilous; I have the same problem with "waves" as R3x3 and gave him this information. I discovered the problem is not IE at all. It has to be Windows XP, SP2 because it happens in all my software programs. I have a new Dell computer and had lots of problems with it, including "waves" and sent to back to Dell to have it repaired (I had it 60 days so couldn't return it for a new one). They removed everything, reinstalled Windows , and when I received it back, I installed all my software. However, the "wavy scroll" problem still exists. I will notify Dell about this again, but if anyone has a solution, please reply. In some programs, eg.Quicken, the scrolling is so bad, my mouse cannot be controlled. Thanks.

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    Re: Problems with wavy scrolling (XP SP2)

    The original problem was posted in <post:=611,173>post 611,173</post:>, and the information from the above post in <post:=614,015>post 614,015</post:>.
    To avoid further duplication, this thread is locked. Please post replies in one of the other threads.

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