<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by Judith Tacelli on 17-Jul-01 16:21.</FONT></P>Hi,

I'm a freelance art director working on a Microsoft PowerPoint 98 project for a client. The slide show is about 110 slides, each with placed graphics. This show needs to be able to run on PC machines running Windows 2000 with only 64 megs of memory.

I am finding that placed .emf vector files (even though they are very small in size (12 k) don't run on the 64 meg machines (out of memory issues). But with placed .cil (Clip Interchange Library) files the show runs fine.

My questions:

Is a .cil file a vector file?

What program is used to create .cil files?

Can .eps or .emf files be converted to .cil files?

Why do .cil files seem to take less memory to display than .emf files?

I would like to be able to convert all of the graph work I've done for my client as .emf files to .cil files so that they can use these vector graphics in the presentation.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help.


Judith Tacelli
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