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    Record Deleted (2000)

    When we open out front end, we get the message 'Record Deleted', it does not seem to actually delete anything, the front ends have not changed, and each copy of the front end is doing this.

    I have tried to compact and repair the back end today and it gets so far in compacting and the database window opens with the contents and the bar stays half way across.

    Any ideas or do you need more info?
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    Re: Record Deleted (2000)

    It sounds like your database has become slightly corrupt. You can try the free utility JetComp to see if it can repair the database. If not, create a blank new database and try to import all database objects from the problem database into the new one. You'll have to set the startup options anew, as well as non-standard references in the Visual Basic Editor, if you have any.
    Alternatively, restore a recent non-corrupt backup.

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