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    Recognizing TXT files (Word 2003)

    I had to migrate to Word 2003 this summer, and I'm still discovering situations where it creates problems for me by trying to be too clever.

    The latest: filetype interpretation. Recently I had to open a large number of text files (extension TXT) which contained USENET posts. Word simply refused to open most of them, saying, "<filename> is not a valid Single File Web Page."

    Very clever, Word -- you're absolutely right. They're not Single File Web Pages, whatever those are. They're text files!!! What part of TXT don't you understand?

    It seems to be confused by the USENET headers at the start of each file, which it takes for some kind of HTML thing... CSS declarations, perhaps. How can I make it stop?

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    Re: Recognizing TXT files (Word 2003)

    Try ticking the check box "Confirm conversion at Open" in the General tab of Tools | Options...
    Word should now display a dialog when you open a .txt file that lets you specify how to interpret the file.

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