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    File Format Conveersion in Word 2K (Office 2000 SP3)

    In Word 2000, my default file format is RTF, since it is less bloated than DOC, and doesn

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    Re: File Format Conveersion in Word 2K (Office 2000 SP3)

    Given the capacity and price of hard disks, writable CDs/DVDs and flash disks nowadays, there doesn't seem to be much point in trying to save a few kilobytes - surely the time and effort needed to obtain a minimal file size could be spent on more useful subjects.

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    Re: File Format Conveersion in Word 2K (Office 200

    1. RTF often is bigger than DOC because RTF represents binary objects as text. I don't believe there is any fix for that. If you find your DOC files to be bloated, perhaps you are unknowingly using the Versions feature or embedding fonts?

    2. While Word's HTML is verbose, CSS is generally a big improvement over other ways to prescribe formatting (such as lots of FONT tags). The problem with converters is that they generally apply too many classes rather than styling the document as a whole; it is wasteful, but offers the best chance of looking just like the original. You could try the open source program HTML Tidy and see whether it removes the "flab" you want to get rid of without removing too much that you want to keep.

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