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    Profile Wizard

    Hmmm... Phil Rabichow's post in a prior thread talked about MS's profile wizard. Could this be utilized to thwart the secret police at work (Win2K Server/Win2K Workstations) to get around Word options set by policies? Most of the options I agree with, heck -- I helped write them [img]/w3timages/icons/blush.gif[/img]. However, some are a real pain... e.g. we have turned off background repagination in Normal view because it interferes with reports created by our accounting program... I never use the reports. Yes, I know can set a macro in a startup template which turns mine on when I fire up, but...

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    Re: Profile Wizard

    Don't tell me you are trying to break your own rules.

    I don't use a profile wizard but I get my own settings to a new machine by recording a macro in which I visit the Tools > Options and click on each of the tabs in there. This creates a huge list of code which can be run on the new machine to set all my favourite settings.

    All you need to do is then take the template along with you and then run that macro to create all your settings.

    This same work practice could be used to change settings after the network nazi's trample over your personal settings.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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