I know that the Task Manager app in XP can be enhanced by choosing new columns of information to show, such as Peak Mem Usage, I/O Read Bytes, Page Faults etc etc. This is good and useful, but I want to port the information shown in the GUI window to an output file, (be it txt, csv, whatever). I know that Tasklist is a command-line equivalent of the Task Manager GUI, the output for which can be piped to such a file. What I don't know is how to enhance the default information supplied by the TaskList command to include the extra column data in the Task Manager GUI. I've looked at the command syntax and chosen the verbose option, which does give more info than the basic vanilla command, but still omits the data I'm looking for.

I need to gather this information such that I can send it to third party support colleagues to give them a better understanding of why a particular machine is misbehaving and what it's running. A collection of screenshots is much less useful that a text file or CSV file that I can parse into Excel and perform sorts and filters on.

Does anyone know any syntactical tweaks to get this information out of TaskList, or is there, perhaps, a command I'm overlooking? I'm aware that there are various third-party tools around, (I use the SysInternals utilities at home), but I'd be breaching the security guidelines on our corporate network were I to download and use one at work. Of course, I could ask for any such app to be verified and authorised by the Company but I know that the compliance testing process takes forever and the limited resource available to carry this out will, of necessity, focus on applications that the business Users want to use. I need this information now, (wasn't it ever thus?).

Any suggestions gratefully received.