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    MultiSelect Listbox Twist (A2003 SP2)

    Is there a way to save selections made from a multi select listbox such that they can be used at a later time to repopulate the multiselect listbox?

    or users select a report name from a combobox. The report name has selections ('a','b','c') associated with it. Can you then drive the multiselect listbox such that selections a,b,and c are shown when the report is selected?

    Or is there an easy way to store all selections made on a form so they can be restored at a later date.

    (It's been a while!)

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    Re: MultiSelect Listbox Twist (A2003 SP2)

    You could create or fill a scratch table to store the selected items.
    You should (as always) use a split frontend/backend design where each user has an individual copy of the frontend. Store the scratch table in the frontend. This way each user can save his/her own selection, without interfering with other users' selections.

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