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    Conversion from Lotus (Excel 2000)

    I have a series of Lotus 123 files, version 9. They are not in standard WK4 format but a new format created by Lotus Version 9 (filename.123) format. So far the only program that can read and convert these documents is Lotus itself. I need Excel 2000 to read and convert them because it will be easiest when using it with my DMS and taking into consideration how many need to be converted.

    Does anyone know of an Excel 2000 Add-in to handle these files?

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    Re: Conversion from Lotus (Excel 2000)

    This problem has been posed in the past, but no real solution presented itself. If you can save the files as filename.wk4 from SmartSuite, then that is your best bet.

    I presume the format has changed and not just the file extension. If the format is the same, you could just rename the files with a wk4 extension.

    Andrew C

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