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    Offline file synchronisation (Mobsync.exe) (XP Pro SP1)

    Laptop Users in my Company are used to seeing warning messages in the dialog that appears at the end of offline file synchronisation telling them that Outlook and Access database files (*.PST and *.MDB) haven't been synchronised. They often click over dialog without reading it, which is presumably why some Users don't react to genuine errors, (i.e. red crosses as opposed to yellow exclamation marks). I had a User today that has many such errors in her post-synchronisation dailog box.

    It's much easier working from a list than transcribing entries from this window (and there are a lot of entries), that I began looking for a log file of the errors and warnings, (assuming one to exist on the basis that almost everything the system does is written to a log file somewhere!). Inspecting the event log folder, nothing appears to be written to either Application or System log that corresponds to the timestamp of the synchronisation process. I performed a search on local hard drives, (including hidden and system files) for all files with a suffix of LOG, created today and found nothing relevant.

    I tried Googling to find out if and where such a file would be, (using permutations of "offline file cache", mobsync and log), but because synchronisation can be configured at logon or logoff, I got boss-eyed scrolling through the immense number of hits, none of which even alluded to an answer to my question, let alone spelled it out.

    My question is, does mobsync.exe write a log file of errors and warnings after offline file synchronisation and, if so, what's the filename and where is it? If it doesn't, can it be made to?


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    Re: Offline file synchronisation (Mobsync.exe) (XP

    Application errors should really be found in the Application Event Log, but Microsoft does not always follow its own software conventions... <img src=/S/brickwall.gif border=0 alt=brickwall width=25 height=15>

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