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    Re: Disable ctrl-enter shortcut (2003)

    Please continue discussion in the Outlook thread

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    Disable ctrl-enter shortcut (2003)

    Edited by HansV to provide link to post. It's much more user friendly and it is very easy - see <!help=19>Help 19<!/help>

    I'm following up from a question I posted in the Outlook forum: <post#=617904>post 617904</post#>

    When editing an email, typing ctrl+enter will immediately send the message. My customer wants to disable that shortcut. The outlook guys pointed me to a registry fix to disable ctrl+enter, and it works perfectly -- IF outlook is being used as the email editor. However, it doesn't work if Word is being used as the email editor. Might there be a similar fix to disable ctrl+enter while editing email in Word?

    As a guess, I tried using the same registry fix, except with a "Word" subdirectory, rather than an "Outlook" subdirectory. It seems to have worked, but also disabled the page break function of ctrl+enter in a normal Word doc. Is this a kosher registry fix? Is there some other way to do it instead?


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