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Thread: Disk Full

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    Disk Full

    Using Windows XP Pro SP2
    My HD has 200 G on it. It was divided at the factory into C with 181 G, D with 4.5G and E which shows no capacity. My problem is, today a menu started popping up telling me I needed to clear off the unused files from D because it was running out of space. I don't put anything on D because that's where the OS and other programs are stored by Gateway. The drive shows that most of the 4.5G is taken up with programs and about 32 MB is left clear. How do I stop this menu from popping up every 30 minutes or so?
    Also, how can I get the programs or files on D to show?

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    Re: Disk Full

    There's a Microsoft KnowledgeBase article Description of the Low Disk Space Notification in Windows XP which will handle the notification problem.

    As to why the D: drive is filling up, the requirement is to find out what it is filling up with. In Windows Explorer (or elsewhere!), have you done Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> click the radio button on Show hidden files and folders? Also, do you have something that tells you the size of directories, such as TreeSize Free? And finally, have you checked what Disk Manager says about the D: and E: partitions? (Right Click on My Computer, click on Manage then on Disk Management).

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