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    Outlook Form Doesn't Open Correctly (2003 SP2)

    About 18 months ago I created an Outlook Form (.oft file) for users to fill out a questionnaire. It had a hidden "To" field so that when they completed the questionnaire and hit the Send button, it would go to the person who was going to compile the results. Everything worked fine back then.

    We went to use this form again yesterday and when the .oft file is opened (it's a hyperlink in a PowerPoint presentation) all they get is a blank e-mail (normal format) pre-addressed to the person it's supposed to go to. They don't get the custom form (the questionnaire). One other piece of evidence: I tried this myself and got the same behavior. I went into Outlook and opened this form template in design mode and then saved it. From that point on, it opened correctly for me. However, the other user (several have tried it) still get the blank e-mail when they open the file (either from PowerPoint or by double-clicking on it in the the file directory). The .oft file is on a network shared area; we're all trying to open the same file -- it now works for me, but still doesn't work for others.

    Any ideas? Is there some switch buried in Outlook that needs to be turned on to enable Outlook custom forms (e.g., it used to be on by default so everything work fine before, but now is off by default as a result of some Office patch and I turned it back on for me by virtue of editing the form)?


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    Re: Outlook Form Doesn't Open Correctly (2003 SP2)

    I'm a little unclear on the relationship between forms, templates, and templates based on forms. It could be that the underlying form for the OFT is inaccessible or blocked for security reasons. However, that's just a guess. I also would like to know the best way to create an OFT that embeds the functionality of a custom form.

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