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    Word/Excel merge gives incorrect results (2003)

    I've used mailmerge with Word/Excel for years, and had never run across this before.
    In Excel, I enter field data directly as, for example, 2.3 or 5.6 or 4.0. I ensure that cell format says "Number" and one place of the decimal. (Actually, the same problem arises if I format cells as "General" and *even* at times, when formatted as "Text"!) After saving the file, I open a new Word document and use Mail Merge to create form letters. When I associate the Word file with the Excel file, and insert the MergeField items, Word sometimes shows the field as in the Excel cell, but sometimes shows it as, for example, 2.2900000000000001, or as 5.5900000000000001. There are 16 places of the decimal! I've looked for every option in both applications, but no joy.
    Any ideas?
    Many thanks!

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    Re: Word/Excel merge gives incorrect results (2003)

    It's a rounding problem. Many decimal numbers cannot be represented exactly in the binary format that computers use. See <post:=434,784>post 434,784</post:> for a workaround.

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    Re: Word/Excel merge gives incorrect results (2003)

    Hi Dave,

    Another way is to add a picture switch to your mergefield. To do this:
    . Select the existing mergefield and press Shift-F9. You should see something like '{MERGEFIELD Contribution}'
    . Change this to '{MERGEFIELD Contribution # ,0}' for a result with 0 decimal places, '{MERGEFIELD Contribution # ,0.0}' for a result with 1 decimal place, and so on
    . Press F9 to update the field
    . Run your merge.
    See Word's help file for more information on field formatting.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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