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    Importing sides (2003)

    I have tried different ways of taking slides from one presentation and entering them into another - they do not share the same design templates. I have used the Insert Slide from File command and also cut and paste. Both ways do not pick up the master correctedly in the presentation they are being imported to. Specifically the text boxes for the Title and content text does not go into the correct position or size as the Master indicates. Sometimes the bullets are applied correctly, sometimes not (as far as color and type of bullets). Is there a fool proof way of doing this. Right now I am inserting a new slide into the final presentation and then copying the text from the other presentation into it. At least this way the text boxes stay consistent (much less time consuming then reformatting all the text boxes). Thanks.


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    Re: Importing sides (2003)

    Are you sure that the slides you want to transfer have been formatted according to the slide master in their presentation? If the placeholders have been moved or resized, they will keep that position instead of taking on the position and size of the slide master in the receiving presentation. If they haven't, they should conform to the slide master.

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