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    Page Break issue (Access 2003)

    Can anyone help with this problem please. I've searched the archive but can't see anything with the same issue

    I have a report with various grouping options set. The 1st one uses the "Page Break" button on the Toolbar to create a new page for each of this group. This works perfectly till I come to the last data on the report. At this point, I then have a report footer which I would like to not appear on a new page.

    The problem is made worse, because the report is in fact 594mm wide (ie 2 x A4 landscape pages). So what is happening at the moment is that I get a blank A4 page, followed by my footer on the last page (its right justified) on every report even where there is plenty of room at the foot of the previous double page spread.

    I hope this makes sense.



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    Re: Page Break issue (Access 2003)

    You should use the Page Break control only for special purposes. The 'standard' way to make parts of a report start on a new page is by setting the Force New Page property of the appropriate section(s) of the report to Before Section (or After Section). Try it out on a copy of your report: remove the Page Break control, and play with the Force New Page property of the group header section(s).

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