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    Extracting EXIF Data

    Hi folks,

    In these days of digital imaging, it can be useful to find out what parameters your camera was using when it took a given picture. Various applications exist for showing you the EXIF data for a single image. But what about if you want to extract the EXIF data for inclusion in an image catalogue you've just built or were planning to build?

    Well, with the help of a simple downloadable dll and the attached Excle file, you can extract the EXIF data from any JPEG or TIFF images from your camera.

    There's dll is called EXIFView, and you can download it in zip form from Install as per the instructions in the zip file.

    After you've installed the dll, open the attached Excel File and press Alt-F8 and select the 'EXIF Lister' macro. Then click 'Run'. First you'll be asked to select the drive, then folder to scan. Next, you'll be asked to choose between JPG and TIF files. Once you've done that, the macro will scan all JPG or TIF files in the nominated folder, extracting any EXIF data they may hold. Not all JPG or TIF files have EXIF data, especially if they've been edited or saved with a graphics program that isn't EXIF-aware.

    The output lists the image path and name, followed by each EXIF tag's name then its value. I could have coded the macro to list the EXIF tag names as a set of column headings, but different cameras store different sets of EXIF data and, if you have images from more than one camera in the same folder, the headings and values might not match anything except those taken by the camera used for the first file scanned.

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    Re: Extracting EXIF Data

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 07-Dec-06 23:14. )</P>I wish all people working on EXIF would release DLL files to ease automation. But sadly, it's rare. <img src=/S/sad.gif border=0 alt=sad width=15 height=15>

    As new cameras are released, and particularly new RAW file formats, EXIF tools need constant updating. One project that seems to be kept up to date, is <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15>, and has both command line and GUI interfaceses is ExifTool by Phil Harvey. Be careful though: it lets you edit the EXIF data, which could corrupt your file if done carelessly.

    Added: I can't find the GUI interface. Hmmm...

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