I have many Word 2002 (& some 97) documents with special print setups for paper sources by tray (for letterhead, bond letter, plain letter, and plain legal). Some are set for an HP4100 and some for an HP5 (which may die before I do, but this is supposition). I want to reinstall the HP printer drivers and change the name of the HP4100 printer (also change from PCL6 to PCL5). When I tried it on a test system, all the documents directed to the old HP4100 forgot the paper source setup for the newly named printer. How do I avoid this?

If it is unavoidable, is there some sort of utility out there that will take a pile of Word files (or a single file, I can script) and conditionally replace the printer name while keeping the same paper source setup?

Most of the problem documents are letters of varying ages. They are reused as bases for current letters by multiple people in the office. Each letter is reused infrequently. A procedure to have each user recheck the paper source setup would be painful and have continuing lapses.

The reason behind the printer driver changes is slow rendering in Word for the primary document processor. She also experiences Word crashes from time to time. Her computer has drivers for the HP5, HP4100, HP3700, HP1220c, a Savin (Ricoh?) copier/printer, and Acrobat. There are multiple versions of some HP DLLs on her system. The advice I have been given (HP professional forum USER) is to clean all the HP stuff off the computer and reinstall using (if possible) Microsoft drivers, PCL5, and no HP extras. The HP4100 printer is named "HP4100 (PCL6)" which is not a great name for a printer using PCL5.


Joe M