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    Confirm Sheet Name (VBA for Excel 2000)

    I am getting files with a sheet called "Data" that I need to confirm exists. However, sometimes, someone will name it "data", with a lower case 'D'. I would like to confirm it exists. At first, I added an 'ElseIf' statement to allow for either and then got another variant of the word ("DATA"). I read another post with a 'matchexactly' I seem to get errors every time. The code looks like this:

    MatchTextExactly = False
    If ActiveSheet.Name = "Data" Then
    ElseIf ActiveSheet.Name = "data" Then
    GoTo Reloop '(Goes to a point to move to the next file)
    End If
    Someone suggested "UCASE" to make the sheet name uppercase, then test for upper case letters - can't find anything on that.

    How can I test a sheet name without worrying about whether the letters are capitalized or not?

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    Re: Confirm Sheet Name (VBA for Excel 2000)

    MatchTextExactly is a property of the Application.FileSearch object that can be used to search for files on disk matching specified criteria; it doesn't apply to comparing text in general.

    One possibility is to use UCase like this:

    If UCase(ActiveSheet.Name) = "DATA" Then

    Ucase will convert the sheet name to all upper case, so it won't matter whether the user named the sheet "Data" or "dAtA" or "data" etc.

    Another possibility is to insert the following line at the top of the module

    Option Compare Text

    This will make all text comparisons in the module case insensitive, i.e. "data" and "DATA" and "daTA" will be considered to be equal. So you can use

    If ActiveSheet.Name = "data" Then

    and still catch all variants.

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    Re: Confirm Sheet Name (VBA for Excel 2000)

    A third option is to use StrComp, which offers the strange notion of determining which string has a greater value. Setting that aside:

    <code>If StrComp(, "Data", vbTextCompare) = 0 Then ' they are the same, case insensitive</code>

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