I installed Office 2007 yesterday and can see all ready that this is a keeper. In an earlier post 618,735 I stated that I have had multiple "Personal Folders" I believe that this is being caused by "O.H.S." (operator head space) I copy .pst files from my laptop (business) to my PC, every weekend. Here is my procedure: from laptop to "xxfolder" on PC. From "xxFolder" on PC to Outlook on PC. Once I have this done I then back up my PC Outlook to "XXXFolder" on the PC. That way I also have a complete back up of PC (personal) as well as laptop (business) folders. I then take it one step further and back up both "xxFolder" and "XXXFolder" to my MAXTOR external HD.
I want to avoid the mistakes I've made somewhere along the line of having these extra personal folders I get when I import. My question is three fold: 1: Are .pst files in '03 compatible with '07 (they imported fine when I installed '07) its later on that I am worried about, and 2: Is there an easier way to back all of this up? 3: What is the correct way to back this up? I seem to remember not having this problem when I used earlier versions '97 or '00