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    Trouble with a game (xp)

    I have been having problems playing a video game on my pc, at first I figured it was the game itself, but now I know the problem is with the computer. The problem is this : with the game "Oblivion", it freezes up every minute or so, and will remain frozen for about 15-20 seconds. I bought a completely new copy of the game, thinking maybe there was a problem with the disc, but I am getting the same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times (using Regcleaner to make sure every part was uninstalled) and that doesnt change anything. I have updated my driver on my graphic card (Nvidia 7300 LE). This game worked perfectly fine a few months ago, so its not that my pc can't handle it. I just can't figure out why now it wont play. There hasn't been any big changes to my computer since then, though for the past few weeks I have had a few problems (maybe once a week the pc will freeze up completey). I have tried a few other games, and they seem to work fine, though they dont have nearly the requirements as Oblivion, so its hard to compare. Any ideas of what could be causing this problem?

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    Re: Trouble with a game (xp)

    If you updated your Internet Explorer to v.7 (IE7), turn off or disable Phishing Filter:

    - from Tools drop-down list in IE or from Control Panel open Internet Options applet;
    - click Advanced tab and scroll down Settings window until you see Phishing Filter under Security;
    - choose "Turn off automatic website checking" or "Disable Phishing Filter";
    - click Apply, OK.

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