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    can't clean install win me


    I can't clean install Windows Me or 98se,
    and hope you may have some suggestions.

    I have a Gigabyte GA-5SMM motherboard,
    BIOS Award 4.51PG, AMD K6-2 100/400 MHz,
    1 64MB PC100 DIMM, WD AC8400R 8GB hard
    disk C:, and Quantum Fireball CR4.3A
    4GB hard disk drive D:.

    During POST, I disabled quick boot, and
    the single 64MB PC100 DIMM shows ok on
    all three passes of the memory test.

    I used a DOS 7.1 (FAT32) boot disk and
    formatted drive C. I included /TESTMEM:ON
    for HIMEM.SYS in CONFIG.SYS, and no errors
    appear. Everthing booted up fine, and I
    inserted the WinMe CD in drive F. Setup
    started ok, but soon I got error:

    SUWIN caused a GPF in module COMCTL31.DLL
    at 0003:0E49.

    Then I re-formatted drive C, and inserted
    the Win98SE CD in drive F. I created
    to it. Setup started ok, but then got error:

    Fatal exception 0D at 05A4:00000218.

    I searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base,,,
    and for "SUWIN" and "fatal
    exception 0D" but found nothing relevant.

    Any suggestions what to try next?

    Thanks, Jeff

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    Re: can't clean install win me

    Have you checked out the web site for your motherboard manufacturer. I had problems installing ME which were all related to the motherboard. Luckily I was able to work around the problems.

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    Re: can't clean install win me

    <A HREF="" target="_blank"></A>

    at the bottom of this article is a list of more articles. While they say for 95/98, often the problem and solution applies to other versions.

    why did you create the options folder? i'd have tried copying the cd to the disk, but would have created a separate folder called wininstall. windows will create the cab folder on it's own and if it's reading you files while creating it's files, could cause problems.

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    Re: can't clean install win me

    Hello again,

    I disabled the L2 external cache in the BIOS during install.
    I don't know why, but that seemed to work, and allow me to clean install Win Me.

    Thanks again, Jeff

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