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    Merge Data w/o a Name Row (2000/XP)

    We're creating some labels in Word 2K or XP (the problem occurs on both), and using a text file as the data source. The text file just contains one "column" of entries, i.e, Blah <return>, Boo <return>, etc.

    When the merge is built, the data is always "named" for the first entry in the txt file. The list above would be called "Blah" and Boo would be the first entry. We want "Blah" to the be the first entry, and we're reluctant to change the txt files because they are called by various other programs.

    Any pointers?

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    Re: Merge Data w/o a Name Row (2000/XP)

    Hi Jeb,

    You just need to create a file for your Header source. Since you are using a text data type, just set up a text file that includes each field name and uses the same delimiters as those found in the data source.

    Then to specify the Header source, under step 2 of the Mail Merge Helper and Get Data, you will find "Header Options..."

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