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    forward email w/blocked picture (outlook 2003)

    I have an email with a picture that is blocked. I want to forward the email but I get the message that I have to download the picture before I can forward it but I don't want to download the picture. Is there a way to forward without downloading or a way to delete the picture placeholder? Thanks

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    Re: forward email w/blocked picture (outlook 2003)

    I don't think Outlook will let you compose a message with an embedded image and not display the image while you are composing. And that requires you to download it.

    If the goal is simply to send a link to the image, you can get the URL by right-clicking the message body, choosing View Source, and looking for the image tag (typically <img ) and copying the source attribute (src="URL"). Then convert the reply to plain text and just give your recipient a link to the image.

    If you have some other purpose in mind, like sending the message to a spam blocking service, create a new blank message, then highlight the bad message in the Inbox, press Ctrl+c to copy it, click in the body of the outgoing message, and press Ctrl+p to paste it as an attachment.

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