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    Mail merge-2nd question (Word2000 sr1a))

    How do you not include a word that may not be needed, depending on a field?
    For example:
    I have a document that I use where the customer's name(s) are fields that I have inserted into my form letter. The fields are "Customer1" and "Customer2". The form letter starts out with a greeting, "Dear 'Customer1' and 'Customer2' ", The price is $100. ..........
    Problem: If I only have one customer (Customer1), the form letter reads "Dear 'Customer1' and The price is $100........ In other words, the "and" that is necessary with two customers' is not needed when there is one.


    I am new to this Mail Merge/form letter stuff.


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    Re: Mail merge-2nd question (Word2000 sr1a))

    Hi Rick,

    You need to use an IF field. What you need would be something like:
    { IF { MERGEFIELD Customer2}<> "" "and { MERGEFIELD Customer2}" }

    Note that the curly braces are field braces and are inserted using <Ctrl F9>

    You can also click the "Insert Word Field" command on the Mail Merge toolbar to assist you with this.

    This article may be of interest to you as well:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

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