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    can't clean install 98se


    I can't clean install Windows Me or 98se,
    and hope you may have some suggestions.

    I have a Gigabyte GA-5SMM motherboard,
    BIOS Award 4.51PG, AMD K6-2 100/400 MHz,
    1 64MB PC100 DIMM, WD AC8400R 8GB hard
    disk C:, and Quantum Fireball CR4.3A
    4GB hard disk drive D:.

    During POST, I disabled quick boot, and
    the single 64MB PC100 DIMM shows ok on
    all three passes of the memory test.

    I used a DOS 7.1 (FAT32) boot disk and
    formatted drive C. I included /TESTMEM:ON
    for HIMEM.SYS in CONFIG.SYS, and no errors
    appear. Everthing booted up fine, and I
    inserted the WinMe CD in drive F. Setup
    started ok, but soon I got error:

    SUWIN caused a GPF in module COMCTL31.DLL
    at 0003:0E49.

    Then I re-formatted drive C, and inserted
    the Win98SE CD in drive F. I created
    to it. Setup started ok, but then got error:

    Fatal exception 0D at 05A4:00000218.

    I searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base,,,
    and for "SUWIN" and "fatal
    exception 0D" but found nothing relevant.

    Any suggestions what to try next?

    Thanks, Jeff

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    Re: can't clean install 98se

    Try disabling your L2 cache. Your system will run slower but it should run.

    Use the hard disk install method that you have already set up for the actual install.

    If this works, then you have a hardware problem.

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    Re: can't clean install 98se

    Boot to the floppy again and get to the A:> prompt. Once there type
    "fdisk /mbr". Do this several times to insure that it did its thing.
    My guess is that there was some type of drive compression done on that
    harddrive and it is still referenced in the Master Boot Record. This
    command will clean out the mbr fully.
    Now run format with the /s .

    Fdisk and format your hard drive . Do not reboot your system but run
    fdisk /mbr . Then reboot your system.

    Another way here ,

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    Re: can't clean install 98se

    Hello, thanks for your reply. Actually, I have two physical
    hard disk drives, C and D. I agree I should FDISK drive C,
    but not drive D. But will FDISK/MBR affect both drives C
    and D, or just C? In other words, with two physical drives,
    should I skip FDISK/MBR and do FDISK on only drive C?

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    Re: can't clean install 98se

    Jeff , i'm in Australia & have just got home from work .
    Fdisk 'C' 1st by all means , if it dos'nt work you may have to
    try the other .

    Here is some reading you may find helps , of interest are an
    explanation of the format switches . format c: /U /C /S

    Also some info re speeds of Fat16 & Fat32 .
    Have included 2 boot managers , they may help . John .


    My Boot Manager . Are you still debating making the leap
    from Windows 95 to 98? Or even Windows 98 to 98 SE?
    You're not alone. Still not sure which one will work
    best for ya? My Boot Manager will allow you to install
    one or more versions of the Windows 9x operating systems
    on the same computer. It's perfect for those who use
    English and non-English versions of Windows on a regular
    basis. Make your choice. Updated!! 12/30/99


    Extended Operating System Loader (XOSL) is the world's only
    full-featured free boot manager with a real, easy-to-use and
    full-blown graphical user interface. Click the screen shots
    link to see what XOSL is like, and decide for yourself!


    The 1st url is a download help file


    From Elvis ,

    First, you should create a bootable FAT16 partition. Start FDISK,
    and DON'T enable large disk support. Create a Primary DOS partition
    (maximum size, which is 2047MB). Then exit FDISK. Restart the
    computer to DOS and type format C:

    When done, run FDISK again and DO enable large disk support
    (large disk support is just another word for FAT32). Create an
    extended partition (when it asks you if you want to use the maximum
    size, say YES), and then make a logical drive of size 8192MB.

    Keep making logical drives (of size 8192MB, until you get to the end
    and there is less than 8192MB left, in which case you just use
    whatever's left) until all the space is partitioned. Restart to DOS,
    and format all the FAT32 partitions you just created (all the drives
    except C.

    You will end up with a FAT16 drive C: of size 2047MB, with the rest
    as FAT32 partitions of size 8192MB or less. The reason for keeping
    them no bigger than 8192MB is because you won't waste as much space.
    You can now install Windows 98 onto drive C:

    Post at Annoyances .

    I would partition because it improves performance. Having Windows
    separated from the programs means the programs (and Windows) can run
    faster. I would create a 2GB FAT16 partition for Windows (because,
    strange as it may seem, FAT16 is actually faster than FAT32), and
    create a couple of FAT32 partitions for the rest of the system.
    I used to have one FAT32 partition (C: 12.1GB), now, it is 6 FAT16
    partitions and 1 FAT32 partition (C2GB), D2GB), E2GB), F2GB),
    G2GB), H2GB) and I177MB-FAT32),
    and I have definately noticed an increase in speed. What FAT32 is
    good for is very small files (e.g. Temporary Internet Files).

    Tony Scarpelli
    Computer Fix-It

    When installing a hard drive, partition it into C: and D: and put
    the operating system and programs on C: and all of your data, e-mail
    box, fax, Windows cab files/drivers and other data on the D: drive.
    When it becomes necessary to upgrade your operating system or a do
    totally new install, it is easier to format your C: and reinstall
    everything without fear of losing your data. Installing peripherals
    will be easier if you also have your drivers in a folder on the
    D: drive as well.

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    Re: can't clean install 98se

    Hello again,

    I disabled the L2 external cache in the BIOS during install.
    I don't know why, but that seemed to work, and allow me to clean install Win Me.

    Thanks again, Jeff

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    Re: can't clean install 98se

    Read your tip on clean re-install and went to the page you suggested. SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the tip. Saved me many headaches.

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    Re: can't clean install 98se


    You have a hardware problem!!

    Probably with your Level 2 memory cache. This will cause intermittent errors because data is not transferred properly from main memory to the cpu.

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    Re: can't clean install 98se


    Thanks again for your reply. Several people indicated to me that it is quite common to disable L2 cache when installing Windows, and then re-enable it once Windows has been installed, which I've done.

    But if, as you suspect, the L2 cache is defective, maybe I should leave it disabled permanently. Is there any way to repair a defective L2 cache?

    Thanks, Jeff

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    Re: can't clean install 98se

    Disabling L2 cache has 2 impacts.

    1)Eliminates a potential cause of intermittent problems.
    2)Slooows your system way down. This has the side effect of changing timing dependent activities which can avoid other intermittent problems.

    Based on your consistent history of problems I think you have a real hardware problem.

    Best bet is to get into the shop.

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    Re: can't clean install 98se

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your speedy reply. I think you're right that I should have a shop look at the machine.

    Thanks, Jeff

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    Re: can't clean install 98se

    Thanks Dave .

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