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    Updating Source of List Box (XP)

    I have a search page that allows users to search for people who have one of 400 skills. The listbox is really long so there is a text box that allows them to limit the number of items in a listbox. They type something in the text box and hit enter and it modifies the source of the listbox. Is there a way to modify the source after each key stroke. I tried using OnKeyDown, but it wasn't working. I can get the source to change once, but not continuously (unless the user hits enter after each key). Any thoughts?


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    Re: Updating Source of List Box (XP)

    I'm not sure it is a good idea to change the row source of a list box at each character the user types, but if you really want to do that, use the On Change event of the text box, and make sure to refer to the Text property of the text box. This property represents the current contents of the text box; it is only available when the text box has the focus.

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