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    Placement of text in labels (Word 2007)

    I am creating a merge document for business cards (labels). I am drawing a blank as to how to place text (merge fields) in the labels so that the company name is 1" from the top of each business card. The employee's name and job title are above the company name and sometimes the job title is two lines which currently moves the company below the target area.

    Can I define where the text for company and its address go, so that it will be the same place on each label? I thought that I could add rows to the table structure of the labels, but that would complicate my merge. I need to have this as a very simple merge for all staff to be able to create their business cards.


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    Re: Placement of text in labels (Word 2007)

    Try setting the vertical alignment of the table cells to bottom aligned instead of top aligned. This can be done using the alignment button on the Table and Borders toolbar, and also in the Cell tab of Format | Table.

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