Creating a new Access project, I was able to connect with the SQLExpress2005 on my machine (recently installed as part of Visual Basic Express 2005), but when I tried to create a table, I got an error message saying that Access 2003 couldn't work with later versions of SQL and that I should check MS for an add-in that would enable me to do this. After lots of hunting, and not finding anything on the MS Office Download site, I found a file called SSMA_for_Access_1_1_618.msi, located on the general Microsoft Downloads site. The download page has this overview:

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Access is a tool for migrating databases from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server 2005. SSMA for Access converts Access database objects to SQL Server database objects, loads those objects into SQL Server, and then migrates data from Access to SQL Server.
SSMA for Access supports Access 97 - Access 2003 databases.

Does anyone know if this is the file I might be looking for? The description doesn't sound exactly right. I'm not looking to migrate an existing database to SQL 2005 but to create a new project. But maybe that's the same thing. I don't have a lot of experience in this area but am trying to teach myself.

The download page also says that I must first install the J# 2.0 redistributable package, which I have also downloaded but not yet installed.