Dear Loungers,

I am using an exchange server and I access mail from several computers. All was fine till this morning.
1. On my laptop it wouldn't show mee the last week's sent items, the last two days have been sent from my desktop and last week from this laptop.
2. As the problem seemed very persistent, to cure the problem I was advised to delete the existing profile and create a new one.
3. New profile set up on connecting all my contacts, sent mail (including previously missing) and deleted folder contents are present. BUT nothing in my in box. Not only is this true on the laptop but on the server my inbox is also empty! What I did today was not rocket science, I created some folders in gthe inbox and started moving items into them, I hadn't moved all mails into the folders. I did have some problems with a wireless lan connection that dropped & reconnected and Outlook neither said connected nor off line in bottom right.
Any suggestions????

thank you......... liz