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    DLOOKUP fault (2003 sp1 )

    I have a Dlookup which looks like this....

    =DLookUp("so","ZZ5","[sodocid] = [X1]" And " [Pername] = [Name]")

    <font color=red>[So]</font color=red> is a Yes/No value. in a Query <font color=blue>ZZ5</font color=blue>

    <font color=red>[Sodocid]</font color=red> is text string, name of a document eg: "XY-001/hh/001.f9"

    <font color=red>[X1]</font color=red> points to a text field on the report, where Another Dlookup occurs, looking up a similar string 'XY-001/bb/005.g6" from a table

    <font color=red>[Pername]</font color=red> is the name of a person in the <font color=blue>ZZ5</font color=blue> query

    <font color=red>[Name]</font color=red> is a field in a Query <font color=blue>'All people' </font color=blue> that returns the list of names that i'm specifically looking for. (So the report has a source of this query)

    My problem, at the moment, is that its returning positive in all cases. (ie: -1)

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    Re: DLOOKUP fault (2003 sp1 )

    Does this do what you want?

    =DLookUp("so","ZZ5","[sodocid] = " & Chr(34) & [X1] & Chr(34) & " And [Pername] = " & Chr(34) & [Name] & Chr(34))

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