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    List of Mis-spelt Words (Word XP)

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for a way of getting a list of all the mis-spelt words in a document. I found this <post:=285,569>post 285,569</post:> that will give me a list of words. Is there a test of some sort that will tell the VBA if the word is mis-spelt (ie, not in the dictionary)?
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    Re: List of Mis-spelt Words (Word XP)

    If "real time" spell checking is turned on (typically indicated by wavy red underlines) you can interrogate the SpellingErrors collection. The following only checks the body, but you can separately check the headers and footers in all the sections, as well as other StoryRanges such as footnotes.

    <code>Sub MisspelledList()
    Dim strTemp As String, rngTemp As Word.Range
    For Each rngTemp In ActiveDocument.Content.SpellingErrors
    strTemp = strTemp & vbCrLf & rngTemp.Text & vbTab & "[at " & rngTemp.Start & "]"
    If Not (rngTemp Is Nothing) Then Set rngTemp = Nothing
    MsgBox "Spelling Errors Found:" & strTemp, vbOKOnly + vbInformation
    End Sub</code>
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