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    Ghost pages (2003)

    OK, I've been working with Word for years, and I thought I'd seen everything. This is about the strangest thing I've seen yet.

    I'm working with the author of a fairly large (99-page) document. She wants to print the document double-sided and bind it, and we're working with the page setup to apply a gutter margin. We added a blank page after the cover so the first inside page with text appears on the right-hand page as you open the bound document. After a couple hours' work, she noticed the gutter suddenly seemed to shift from the inside edges to the outside. So now I'm playing document detective trying to see why this problem developed. As I'm scrolling through the document, I'm watching the status bar. I read "Page 1 Sec 1 1/99." Then I move to the next page, and I see "Page i Sec 2 3/99." Of course, I have to ask what happened to page 2/99...? I noticed the same weird behavior a couple of pages later.

    Now I'm really, really curious. I launch the document into Print Preview and

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    Re: Ghost pages (2003)

    In Normal View, you can more easily see the types of section breaks you have in the document. An Odd Page section break will insert a blank even page to get to the next Odd page, etc. That might explain part of it.

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