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    ftp and several users (2000)

    i have a ftp site that i would like to allow several users (200) access it and upload data, pics,pdf's dwg etc and create email addresses. i am not sure how to do this, i was thinking of trying to create a form, and create the desired email add. for the user. but how do you allow 200 users access to an ftp site and keep things straight?

    i have never created a form before and any suggestions or templates would be appreciated, id like to get this up and running ASAP

    i would like each individual too have there own login and PW. through a home page (1)

    the website i am working on is it is a wip, you might visit it and see where i am trying to go with it.

    the idea would be to allow several surveyors around the world to post data to a specific folder created by me, state specific of survey data and such.

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    Re: ftp and several users (2000)

    Do you anticipate users using a web browser to upload files, or an FTP program? Each can (or typically does) use a different method of authentication. What type of system is hosting (e.g., Linux - Apache - PHP or Windows - IIS - ASP)?

    You also might consider using a prepackaged file hosting/sharing service like Apparently it has an API you can use to integrate its storage facility with your application/site.

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