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    Aborting a Dialogue box (2003 sr2)

    Dear readers,

    A simple question... I have a sheet that holds formulae that I want to do a global change to, the change is to a reference that has now changed. If I type the wrong thing i.e something non-existent in the replace string a dialogue appears, this expects a file to be identified. However it is a typing mistake on my part. The string to be replaced occurs about 300 times in the sheet and Cancel, or Close or EScape only cancel the current replacement request, which means I have to press escape 300 times!! is there a magic shortcut that will mean "abort current instruction(s)" and take me out of the whole loop?

    thank you, margie

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    Re: Aborting a Dialogue box (2003 sr2)

    There's no really good way out of this, but you could use the following trick.
    Let's say that you entered Blah in the 'Replace with' box, and Excel is now looking for a workbook named Blah.xls.
    Start a second instance of Excel, and save the blank new workbook as Blah.xls.
    Close the second instance of Excel again.
    (You could also copy/paste an existing workbook in Windows Explorer and rename the duplicate to Blah.xls instead of starting a second instance of Excel)
    Return to the original instance, and select Blah.xls in the dialog, then click OK.
    The Replace operation should now continue without further prompting. Its result is nonsense, of course, but you can now use Undo (Ctrl+Z) to restore the previous situation, then try Edit | Replace again.

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