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    Automatic tabbing of headings of the same style (2003)

    I have headings of different levels in a document correctly "styled" as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. However, not all of the headings of any level are tabbed identically. How can I specify the tab setting for a style once and get it automatically applied to all the headings the style applies to? Thank you.


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    Re: Automatic tabbing of headings of the same style (2003)

    One way to do this is as follows:
    - Select a paragraph formatted with the heading style you want to modify
    - Activate the Formatting and Styles task pane.
    - Right-click the style name in the box near the top of the task pane and select Modify from the popup menu.
    - Tick the check box "Automatically update".
    - Click OK.
    - Set the tabs for the selected paragraph. The settings will automatically be applied to all other paragraphs with the same style.
    - It is advisable to turn off "Automatically update" again, to prevent unexpected global changes.

    Another way requires that you have turned on "Keep track of formatting" in the Edit tab of Tools | Options...
    - Modify the tabs in the style definition.
    - Select Edit | Find...
    - Leave the "Find what" box empty.
    - Click More.
    - Select Format | Style near the bottom of the dialog.
    - Select the heading style, then click OK.
    - Tick the check box "Highlight all items found in".
    - Click "Find All".
    - Close the Find dialog.
    - Press Ctrl+Q to remove all directly applied paragraph formatting.

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