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    Print a Fax cover letter (Outlook-Word 2K/SR-1)

    All I want to do is be able to click on a contact, and be able to create a cover letter that contains my company logo, a message ("a fax from wealthywine at.....),my contact info, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the contact's FIRST&LAST NAME, COMPANY NAME, Business Phone#, FAX#, and an intro line " Dear [CONTACT's NAME]. I have used templates which come with Outlook, but do not like how they are laid out. In addition, every time I use a .dot template, Once I am finished, the Word Window does not close automatically. Instead, after I click on the "X", It tells me "the file is in use by another user". I then click "OK", where it opens up the SAVE window. I then click "CANCEL", where it says "Changes have been made to this template since it was last used. Do you wish to save them? (as if I could - file is READ-ONLY)

    PULLLLLLEASE!!! Is there an easy way to create a cover letter for those of us who have to send a fax the old fashioned way?

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    Re: Print a Fax cover letter (Outlook-Word 2K/SR-1)

    I haven't tried the procedure you're using, so these comments might not apply...

    If there is a Word template (.dot) that grabs data from Outlook, that's a huge shortcut and you will want to copy and modify that template to fix the format.

    The next time you get the save error, try using Save As and saving it as a new template (.dot) in the same templates folder. Then, when you need a fax cover, you should be able to simply choose that one.

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    Re: Print a Fax cover letter (Outlook-Word 2K/SR-1)

    You could try a cool Outlook addin called Aladdins - Word Documents. It adds heaps of functionality to OL.
    Find it at:
    It costs $20 after a 30 day trial but makes composing any documents using OL contact data a breeze.

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    Re: Print a Fax cover letter (Outlook-Word 2K/SR-1)

    You should point out that you are the maker of this software!
    <IMG SRC=>

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