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Thread: TOC (Word 2003)

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    TOC (Word 2003)

    I am using the auto-generated TOC feature. I noticed that the text doesn't line up quite right. But, when I try to adjust it manually, an underline appears next to the item. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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    Re: TOC (Word 2003)

    Entries in your Table of Contents are styled using styles with names like TOC 1, TOC 2, and so on, for the different outline levels. Some direct formatting can/will carry over from your document into the Table of Contents. However, I don't use the feature often enough to know whether there is a quick fix for the alignment problems you mentioned. Actually, I'm not sure what you mean about alignment. Perhaps you can post a "sanitized" sample document (cleared of personal, confidential, or sensitive information) so that others can see the problem?

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    Re: TOC (Word 2003)

    Hi There

    We will have to dig down deep into the formatting here, so bear with me

    1) Click Insert
    2) Click Reference
    3) Click Index and Tables...
    4) Click Table of Contents Tab
    5) Click Modify...
    6) In Style dialogue box Select the required TOC
    7) Click Modify...
    8) In Modify Style Dialogue, Click Format
    9) Click Tab

    Here you can adjust the number of Tab stops for each TOC entry, as i don't know what you want you can play in this area of the configuration...good luck

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