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    Video play stuck on fullscreen

    Hi, I am running Windows XP Pro service pack 1. I have several video-playing applications:
    Windows Media Player 10
    Apple QuickTime Player 7.1
    Roxio Suite

    My problem is the same for all of these; whenever I open a video file it opens automatically in full screen mode and doesn't respond to the keyboard commands to switch to windows mode. Even when the video ends, the player is stuck in full screen. I can only end the application by ejecting the dvd, if the file is there. If its just a file then I can bring up Task Manager to try to kill the application, but even that often cycles back to the running video before I can click on the End Task button. What gives here? I don't recall selecting any options that would do this. There are some options that default to full screen, but they are all turned off.

    Any thoughts? Is this a registry thingy? A virus? Any help would be appreciated, this is driving me nuts! <img src=/S/brickwall.gif border=0 alt=brickwall width=25 height=15>

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    Re: Video play stuck on fullscreen

    Can you right-click a video while it's playing and select "Exit full screen"?

    According to some newgroup posts, some video cards have a setting for "zoom" or "full screen", mine doesn't appear to have one so I cannot check it. If available, you should find it by clicking Advanced in the Settings tab of the Display Properties control panel.

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