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    VB solution (VB/Office 2003)

    This refers to my earlier post in the Office discussion board, but since the solution could be VBA I am posting a request here. Does anyone know how I can use a macro similar to the simple 1 line below to update all machines and profiles on a network? The CA autocorrect would override any existing one but leave other user autocorrects untouched. I know very little about VBA so treat me like a dumb user.

    Sub AutoExec()

    ' autocorrect macro

    ' Macro recorded 03/01/2007 by Penny Whittaker

    autocorrect.Entries.Add Name:="ca", Value:="Christian Aid"

    End Sub

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    Re: VB solution (VB/Office 2003)

    To avoid duplication and confusion, I have locked this thread. The other thread Penny mentions starts at <post:=623,607>post 623,607</post:>. Please post replies in that thread.

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