I know this is a 'Java' question potentially and this is not the place to discuss Java, but I also know many XP users in the lounge may have a little insight into this strange issue <img src=/S/eyeout.gif border=0 alt=eyeout width=15 height=15>

When I run the install for Jinitiator ( there is no error message, and the icon appears in the control panel, but the web page with the oracle instance does not work, and just closes leaving a hs_err_pid###.log file on the desktop. Also if I double click the Jinitiator Icon in the control panel, I get the same type of error in the C:Program FilesOracleBin folder. If i try and run any of the .exe files in this folder also hs_err_pid###.log files are produced.
I have installed the newest Jinitiator also, and exactly the same behaviour !

The machine is Win XP Pro, all updated. The only thing I can think is that the hardware may be causing a problem? It is a VIA C3 low power processor, 256 RAM, S3 video card with 32 Mg ram...

The same process on all standard desktops is fine with no errors!

Any ideas?

See attachment for a typical error: