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    Mismatched columns (2003)

    I'm sure that should be a simple question, but.. I have a table with two main columns that I'm interested in. A column of item numbers 4454334 and a column of coded numbers AA, BO, CD, etc. I want to find (select) those rows where the item numbers occur in, for example, AA but not any of the other two letter combinations. Any idea what simple idea I'm missing? Thanks, Andy.

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    Re: Mismatched columns (2003)

    I'm not sure I understand what you want, but try the following:
    - Create a query based on the table.
    - Add the two fields you're interested in to the query grid.
    - Select View | Totals or click the Totals button on the toolbar.
    - Set the Total option for the code field to Count (and leave it as the default Group By for the item number field).
    - Set the Criteria for the code field to 1.
    - Clear the Show check box for the code field.
    - Switch to datasheet view.
    - You will only see the item numbers for which there is only one code.

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