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    Numbering (Word 2003)

    Roman numeral 3 of the attached document is "III. The Substantive Protection of Vested Rights." I am trying to restart numbering of that section so that it starts with Roman Numeral 1. When I right click on it and click "Restart Numbering," the formatting of the entire document changes. Even though the document is based on a template that I created called, "Outline_updated_2_text," the document doesn't follow that formatting scheme and goes back to a default scheme that Word used (I think normal) before I created the new template.

    Does anyone know how to get the numbering scheme to restart while keeping the formatting unchanged?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Numbering (Word 2003)

    Your use of Heading styles is very inconsistent. The paragraph beginning with "Part I" uses the Normal style, the paragraph beginning with "Part II" used Heading 4, and the paragraph beginning with "Part III" uses Normal again. These paragraphs should use Heading 1, since they're the highest-level paragraphs in the document. The paragraphs now using Heading 1 (numbered I, II, III etc.) should be Heading 2 etc. You can then specify that the numbering for Heading 2 restarts after a paragraph set to Heading 1. See attached document.
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