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    Menus vanished! (2000/SR1)

    When I open Word, I get an error with the following text: "Cannot move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus." It is a Visual Basic runtime error.

    I then get a view that I thought was Full-Screen View, as I have the View bar at the bottom of my document, but no menus appear. However, hitting Esc or hovering my mouse at the title bar does nothing. Cycling through the views (Normal, Page Layout, Web, Outline) does not change the menu status.


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    Re: Menus vanished! (2000/SR1)

    It sounds like you're getting an error from a global template which is in your Word Startup directory and is running whenever Word starts up. Have you recently installed any software that might have put a global template into the Word Startup directory?

    If you use Windows Explorer to locate your Word
    Startup directory, do you see any templates in there? (With Word closed) you can try temporarily removing these from the Startup directory to see if Word opens correctly with them.


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