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    merge from access won't hold criteria (office 2003)

    I'm trying to do an envelope merge from an access db. I want to have criteria on two columns in the table. In the merge controls in word I can bring up the records and set the criteria, but when I run the merge those criteria are not kept at all or sometimes one or the other columns criteria is kept, but never both.

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've done this successfully at other times. Although this is a different table I'm merging from.

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    Re: merge from access won't hold criteria (office 2003)

    Yes, this is a problem in Word 2002 and later. There are two workarounds:

    1) Define a query in Access that selects the records you want, and use the query as data source for the mail merge in Word.


    2) In Word, select Tools | Options...
    Activate the General tab.
    Tick the check box "Confirm conversion at Open".
    Click OK.
    Activate the Mail Merge task pane, and go to step 3 (if necessary).
    Click "Select a different list..."
    Select the Access database again.
    You'll be prompted for a way to connect to the database.
    Do *not* select the default OLE DB, but select DDE or ODBC instead.
    Now proceed as before.
    The document should now remember the selection criteria.

    (OLE DB is very problematic, I always use ODBC)

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