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    WD2k To Create Web Page

    We have German version of Office2k. We have both German and English spell checkers.
    My user has created a web page with all tables. Not always this web page shows there are some wrong spellings, by underlining those words in red, although the words are not wrong. I highlighted the word and found out Word2k used French SpellChecker. I highlight the whole web page and use German as default and save the doc. When I close the doc, and reopen it again the French spellChecker comes up.
    Does anyone know how the french spellChecker shows up when we only German version?

    Thank you for suggestions.

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    Re: WD2k To Create Web Page

    I'm sorry nobody replied sooner.[img]/w3timages/icons/blush.gif[/img] You probably already have the answer. If not, Click on Tools / Language / Set Language and make sure Detect Language automatically is not marked.

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