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    Data labels in scatter (Office 2003)

    I need to create 3 buttons that the user can click to see Series 1, Series 2 or both. I need the data labels and symbols to appear or disappear. I used JWalk tools to get the data labels to appear as they come from a different sheet than the source numbers. I don't know how to code the macro for the 3 buttons. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

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    Re: Data labels in scatter (Office 2003)

    Actually hiding/showing the series would be a hassle. I'd create three charts - one for series 1, one for series 2, and one for both. Give the three charts exactly the same size and position. The code behind the buttons would set the Visible property of one chart object to True and that of the other two chart objects to False, for example

    With ActiveSheet
    .ChartObjects(1).Visible = True
    .ChartObjects(2).Visible = False
    .ChartObjects(3).Visible = False
    End With

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