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    ZA or Norton Anti Virus ??

    On my computer I currently have Norton Utilities which includes its Anti virus software. My Norton Firewall is expiring. So for $10 I legally obtained ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2007. Which product has the better anti virus protection? Is there likely to be any conflict if I merely turn the other program's anti virus component off? I plan to turn off ZA's anti-spyware and keep Webroot Spy Sweeper going. Does that make sense? Thanks.

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    Re: ZA or Norton Anti Virus ??

    As your message implies, you only need one firewall and one real-time antivirus scanner. However, it is not uncommon to use multiple anti-spyware products, so long as they do not step on one another's toes (this does sometimes happen if they are monitoring the same things in real time).

    For antivirus:
    <UL><LI>ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 6.x, the current "stable" release, uses the Computer Associates antivirus engine. CA's engine is pretty average (CNET Comparison; CNET 2007 antivirus performance test scores). I think many people have mixed Norton Antivirus with the ZoneAlarm firewall; it should not be impossible to configure it so you can avoid conflicts.

    <LI>ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7.x, currently available as a public beta, uses the Kaspersky antivirus engine, which gets much better ratings than the CA engine. However, for most people, the potential instability issues raised by beta software make it an unattractive proposition, particularly in relation to security software.[/list]For spyware, I'm not familiar with what ZA offers. Obviously Webroot's scanner is well regarded.

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    Re: ZA or Norton Anti Virus ??

    On my step daughter's laptop, her mom's laptop, and her mom's PC, I installed Zone Alarm Security Suite. I previously had Norton System Works 2005 and ZA Pro firewall on theirs. This was asking too much from them to make sure that both were updated, although I had set them to automatically update. Since my step daghter was going to be using hers on campus I thought it best to not receive phone calls and complaints about the updates. I switched theirs to ZA Security Suite. Things on those three computers have been near perfect. I on the other hand want that little extra control, and have chosen to stay with the combo of Norton System Works (2006) and Zone Alarm Pro Firewall, but it was a tough call. I would say stay with ZA Security Suite.
    Thanks John
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